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Cabinet Accepts ARD’s Proposals

March 14, 2016
ARD's office in Yangon has been informed that following the Minister of Mines' Executive Committee approval of two proposals for large-scale mineral exploration in Sagaing State, the proposals were forwarded to Union Cabinet and have been accepted by their office. ARD anticipates approval within some weeks, though likely after April 1st, once a new government is formed. ARD understands this is the last step in the approval process. It is now three years since ARD made application for mineral exploration in Sagaing Division and five years since the ARD team first met with the Ministry of Mines. ARD intends to build mines in Myanmar that respect and benefit all stakeholders: the Myanmar people, the Myanmar Government, and the investors. Congratulations to all the ARD team for five years of hard work leading to this final stage of the approval process.
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