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History of Minerals in Myanmar

For over 5,000 years, on the old silk road between the ancient Kingdoms of China and India, lay a fertile river kingdom of renowned riches known as The Golden Land.

Myanmar was famous for its mineral wealth. Myanmar precious jade and rubies were prized by royalty throughout the world - from the high courts in Europe in the West,  to the Palace of the Emperor of the Sun in the East. Marco Polo, in his travels through Myanmar in the early 1200s, marveled at the opulent riches of the mystic kingdom and was awed by hundreds of gold-plated Buddhist temples, the largest and finest in Asia, adorned with priceless jewels.

In fact, until WWII, Burma was not only a significant gold producer and the richest country in South-East Asia, but also a major global producer of rare gems and metals such as tin, tungsten, silver, lead, zinc, nickel and cobalt.

However, in the past six decades, due to political turmoil and economic isolation, Myanmar greatly suffered from a lack of technology and investment in its mineral industry.

ARD's Mission in Myanmar

Myanmar is now at the dawn of a new era of increasing political freedom and prosperity, and is opening to investment from the world.

We are aiming for the creation of world-class mineral projects, of the highest social, environmental, and economic effectiveness, to benefit the lives of many people. To build a truly great project requires the passion and dedication of many skilled people - and with enough great people and a enough team spirit, it is possible to move even mountains. Therefore, we reach out to many good people to manifest our shared dreams - and help to build a New Myanmar. Will you Join Us?