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ARD's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mandate:

ARD is a team dedicated to respecting and enhancing the local communities in which we operate. We believe in seeking long-term, win-win-win relationships for all stakeholders: win for the local people, win for local governments, and win for the investors.

Community Engagement Policies:

In line with our CSR Mandate, we have the following Community Engagement Policies;

  1. All our relationships are built on mutual respect, straightforwardness, and tenacious effort.
  2. ARD aspires to build relationships and opportunities to work with our local communities that provide mutual understanding and active partnerships in an environment of mutual respect.
  3. We seek a deep understanding of the socioeconomic issues facing local populations, so that we can find synergies – areas where our work programs can benefit local people, and particularly those segments of the population affected by severe poverty.
  4. We wish to support community based projects that are sustainable in nature, and seek to leverage the benefits of our mine development and operation towards the local communities.
  5. We proactively create opportunities and forums to support open communication with our local communities and governments and listen to identify and solve problems in an open and transparent manner.
  6. We want to work with our local communities to develop community plans that build capacity and social infrastructure and are integrated with our development and operational plans.
  7. ARD believes in the support of education and skills training.
  8. ARD seeks provision of employment opportunities.
  9. ARD seeks provision of contracts to stimulate growth of local small and medium enterprises.
  10. ARD believes in supporting local business opportunities.
  11. We support local partnerships that focus on key community needs.
  12. We seek to contribute to regional economic development through projects' developments and operations.