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Historic Grant of Mineral Licenses

Two Large-Scale Prospecting and Exploration Permits in Sagaing Division have been granted to the Myanmar subsidiary of ARD. These are the first two licences to be granted to a Western company in the Wunto-Massive (copper-gold) since Ivanhoe Mines in the 1990’s. The lands are prospective for porphyry copper and large disseminated gold deposits. Reports COO, […]

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Cabinet Accepts ARD’s Proposals

ARD’s office in Yangon has been informed that following the Minister of Mines’ Executive Committee approval of two proposals for large-scale mineral exploration in Sagaing State, the proposals were forwarded to Union Cabinet and have been accepted by their office. ARD anticipates approval within some weeks, though likely after April 1st, once a new government […]

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Ministry of Mines Approval

The Union Ministry of Mines Executive Committee has approved ARD’s subsidiary company’s proposals for two large-scale mineral licenses in Sagaing and has sent them on to Cabinet for final approval. This represents five years of hard work for the ARD team. Congratulations for all the team effort towards completion of the first step of our goals. […]

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Historic Myanmar National Election Results

Myanmar Union Election Commission reported that 77% of seats of Myanmar’s National Election were won by the National League for Democracy (NLD) Party in Myanmar, headed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi a nobel laureate, pro-democracy advocate, and former political prisoner. This gives the NLD enough seats to create majority governments in both houses of parliament. […]

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ARD Donation for Sagaing Flood Relief

ARD made an official cash donation to Sagaing Divisions State Government to assist with the devastating 2015 Myanmar Floods. Myanmar experienced devastating once-in-a-hundred-year floods, which affected 14 states and up to one million people. Sagaing Division was particularly hard hit. ARD President and CEO, Mr. Shigeo Terakubo, made the following statement: “I am planning donation of […]

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ARD’s Sagaing Blocks Surveyed with Ministry of Mines

Following two ARD large-scale mineral license areas being approved by the Sagaing Division government in January this year, ARD representatives made a follow up survey of the lands organized by the Ministry of Mines officials from the Department of Geological Survey and Exploration (DGSE). High grade gold and copper artisanal gold mines were discovered on this […]

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Ministry of Forests Consent

The Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MOECAF) has approved for exploration two large-scale mineral license areas in Sagaing for ARD’s subsidiary in Myanmar. This is following the Sagaing government’s approval of these areas, upon issuing a Form 105 in January of this year. This represents another milestone in the process of ARD achieving two large-scale […]

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Sagaing Government Approval

Myanmar’s Sagaing Division Government has issued a FORM 105, thereby formally approving ARD’s subsidiary for exploration for two large-scale mineral licenses in Sagaing Division. It is just shy of two years since ARD made application for mineral exploration in Sagaing. Congratulation to all the ARD team for over three years of hard work in Myanmar. […]

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