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On Myanmar

Our personal relationship with Myanmar began more than a decade ago with a charity. Through our donation work, we were fortunate to interact with many people in Myanmar.  We were immediately impressed by the pervasive warmness, the professionalism and respectfulness of the Burmese people with whom we interacted.  We met  Myanmar persons, from all walks of life, who clearly loved their country and who were devoted to its development.

Myanmar is presently one of the least developed countries in Asia, and yet we are conscious that it had once been one of the richest countries in Asia. The country has great natural resources – seas of green rice paddies still ploughed by oxen, unspoiled rivers and oceans teaming with fish, lush rain forests, and of course mountains rich with copper and gold, with which the Burmese people have plated their majestic temples for millennium.  Myanmar is not an overpopulated country, as many in Asia, and there is much opportunity for the economy to grow. There are many foreign technologies and businesses as yet not introduced. It is sometimes compared to post-war Japan - a large Buddhist country recovering from the ravages of war, and bursting with optimism and opportunity.

It was a Burmese friend we met through a Japan-Myanmar friendship organization that first kindly suggested we expand our operations from Japan into Myanmar, in order to help develop the country by bringing in needed skills and investment. After careful consideration, we gathered our team, and went to meet the heads of the Ministry of Mines...

Myanmar as an Investment Opportunity

As many people know, Myanmar is opening up to the world after years of economic isolation, and many investment opportunities abound. The challenges for foreign investors, of course, are to find the right opportunities, the right associates, and skillfully manage the opportunities and risks in a country with a unique culture and business environment.

Building on Relationships

We believe ARD is unique among Western-oriented mining companies in Myanmar in that we are building on over a decade of relationships with trustworthy Myanmar people whom we count among our friends. These good friends have wisely advised us on many occasions, and we are indebted to them for their kindness.

The Government of Japan has a strong, decades-long relationship with Myanmar, built through cooperation on many public and private projects. ARD has good relations with our Japanese government, and many government officials have been most helpful in guiding us. We greatly appreciate their council and assistance as well.

Japanese companies are invested in many sectors of the economy, particularly manufacturing, but also the mineral industry. ARD is fortunate to have a good reputation and good relations within the Japanese business community, which extends to Myanmar - particularly as Japan is one of the highest FDI countries.

Over the years we have built good relations with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC). We thank them as well for all their assistance in helping us towards our mutual goals, and vow to continue to work sincerely towards great rewards beneficial for all Myanmar citizens.

ARD Team Spirit

Of course we must give great thanks to the hard work and dedication of our all our team members. Without their tireless and sincere efforts, we could not have achieved all that we have.

The Myanmar People

We have now been fortunate to meet and work with many great Myanmar people who have been most helpful and welcoming. We thank them for their continued kindness, sincerity, and good will. We are striving to repay the country by developing the most beneficial rewards for all stakeholders to share. 

Taihen domo arigato gozaimasu.
(With most sincere and tenacious thanks,) 

On behalf of the ARD Board of Directors,

Shigeo Terakubo
President and CEO
ARD Japan Co. Ltd.
December 2018