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ARD Team

We are a Japan, Australia, and Myanmar based multinational team of professionals with a valuable global network and skills in all aspects of mining. We share a common belief that mining and mineral processing, when done correctly and with the right spirit, can greatly improve people's lives.

At the advisory level, we have broadly experienced senior mineral industry professionals.

At the management level we have experienced and successful business leaders and financial experts.

On the ground we have a hard-working, focused team of experienced geologists, business leaders, and trustworthy staff.

As a team we work together towards our mission with utmost tenacity and mutual respect. Bound together with the highest team spirit, we feel ready to move mountains.

ARD's Goals

  1. ARD’s foremost goal is the creation of modern mines in Myanmar that respects all stakeholders: the Myanmar people, the Myanmar Government, and the Investors.
  2. Our second goal is the creation of a world-class mines in Myanmar, to the benefit of all citizens.
  3. Our third goal is the creation of diverse mines in Myanmar that operate with the highest levels of social responsibility and business efficiency.


Japan is a very large global consumer of minerals for manufacturing, and is the home to many of the world’s greatest mineral trading, mineral processing, and mineral finance companies. Our team in Japan has valuable relationships within the Japanese business community and Japanese government. Our Japanese leadership skillfully guides our company from a base of business building and business management experience spanning over five decades.



Australia is a leading mining country in the world in terms of scale, technological advancement, finance, and social and environmental responsibility. Our technical team in Australia bring world-class technical and managerial skills to our project, and are dedicated to our mission.



Myanmar has abundant mineral opportunities, and a unique culture, history, and business environment. Our team in Myanmar has made enormous strides in the past five years and this is largely due to their unwavering dedication, skill, and integrity.

ARD Guiding Principles

ARD’s guiding principles should be used in guiding each ARD team member's daily business practices:

Mutual Respect: People can only begin meaningful relationships with mutual respect. Without mutual respect there is no teamwork. The strength of a successful organization comes from teamwork, not individuals, thus mutual respect is an essential key to success.

Fewinki (or team spirit/mood/energy): a business must have a high level of fewinki in order to be highly productive, and each team member should contribute to positive fewinki. Only with highly positive fewinki can  teams be happy and businesses highly productive. The monthly productivity of any organization can be expressed as a simple mathematical formula: 30 days multiplied by group fewinki.

Team Goals by Team Decision, and Individual Pledge to the Team’s Goal: Nothing is more powerful than a team decision, together with each individual of the team pledging commitment to the team goal, before the team. In this way, even mountains may be moved.

Humility: In the company of others, ARD team members should put themselves at the lowest position. There is rarely benefit in indulging in ego and acting with hubris to others. On the other hand, with humility, hard work, and kindness one has a chance to earn the respect of many.

Respect and long-term commitment to local communities, suppliers, partners and team members:  Only with a deep-rooted concern for the long-term health of all persons with whom we interact, can we we believe in the future for our company, for we are not independent, but interdependent with those around us.

Seek Expert Opinion: No woman or man is expert in all things. Complex tasks or processes often require consultation with relative experts. For example, topics of law are advised by expert lawyers, geology is advised by expert geologists, metallurgy is advised by expert metallurgists, mining by expert mining engineers, etc.  ARD team members actively seek expert advice from experts within the ARD team, and if unavailable from inside the ARD team, with consultation of management, outside the ARD team.

Straight-forwardness: Trust is a key building block of any relationship, and trust cannot be built with two-faced or deceiptful actions or thoughts. Straightforwardness aids in the development of trust, good relationships and strong teamwork.

Ganbaru (tenacious, positive effort): Some large and lengthy tasks require team endurance of positive will and effort. There is great pleasure in enduring if harmoniously together as a team towards a team goal, with Ganbaru. This feeling of Ganbaru is an intangible and unmeasurable reward on a daily basis, and a key to success for a truly great project.

ARD Policies

ARD Business Conduct Policy:

All ARD team members should be committed to working in an open and transparent manner.

ARD does not participate in the political process of the host country and does not seek special treatment from those governments, or from individual government officials.

ARD is an international company obeying international protocols and conventions in relation to bribery, transfer of funds and other financial transactions.

ARD will pay all taxes and charges levied in accordance with local law.

ARD is required by Japanese law to keep detailed Company records. Company accounts, records must be kept and disposed of only in accordance with the ARD Company policy and regulations of the host country.

ARD believes people should be valued for their individual merits and does not discriminate against people regarding such things as sex, race, age, disabilities, or religion.

ARD is committed to alcohol and drug free work environments for worker health and safety.


ARD Environmental Principle

We hold a central Principle of Environmental Stewardship which has several aspects, including;

  1. a reverent respect for Nature
  2. a commitment not to waste Nature’s resources
  3. desire to protect the Environment whenever possible
  4. desire to minimize changes to Nature and speedy repair of the Environment when change must be made, so that natural vegetation can regrow for the benefit of future generations

ARD Environmental Policies

ARD is committed to environmental excellence and responsible and environmentally sustainable performance.

ARD will be guided by international best practices in our pursuit for sustainable development.

ARD will comply with all relevant laws and regulations as a minimum and where relevant laws and regulations do not exist we will apply responsible standards.

ARD has an Environmental Policy of “Light-touch” mineral Prospecting and Exploration which means we aim to achieve Prospecting and Exploration goals with the minimal impact on the Environment.

As well, we have a policy of “Long-term Vision of the Environment.”


ARD Safety Policy:

Life, above all else, is most important. Therefore safety and health must always be the first concern of every ARD team member.

ARD will abide by all statutory acts and regulations in force as minimum criteria and it is management’s objective to provide sufficient resources to ensure that normal operations are conducted in a safe and healthy manner in order to protect human lives.

All supervisors are responsible for safety of the operations in their control and must ensure that Company policies, safety procedures and rules are understood and enforced. ARD team members at all levels of ARD are responsible for themselves and their fellow employees for accident prevention and to promote a high standard of occupational safety and health. ARD expects that all employees and contractors will observe safety and health provisions and will act with due care for themselves and others.

ARD is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees and visitors.

Safety should be achieved through the following initiatives:

  • Employee and contractor induction procedures
  • Safe working procedures/systems
  • Accident/incident reporting and investigation to prevent recurrence
  • Provision of personal protective equipment

This is not the complete body of ARD principles, policies and procedures.  ARD principles, policies, and procedures may change from time to time. Please see this page for updates or contact ARD directly for more information.: