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Historic Grant of Mineral Licenses

November 27, 2018
Two Large-Scale Prospecting and Exploration Permits in Sagaing Division have been granted to the Myanmar subsidiary of ARD. These are the first two licences to be granted to a Western company in the Wunto-Massive (copper-gold) since Ivanhoe Mines in the 1990's. The lands are prospective for porphyry copper and large disseminated gold deposits. Reports COO, Trevor Lane, "This is a classic case of The early bird gets the worm; we have been working towards getting very prospective land in Sagaing Division for several years, and we have now exceeded even our own expectations in terms of the mineral potential of the lands we possess. The Southern Block is adjacent to the Shangelon Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit and is prospective for porphyry copper deposits similar to the Monya Copper Mines (7mt contained copper) and the North Block has potential for large disseminated gold deposits amenable to bulk mining." ARD is planning an ambitious prospecting stage throughout 2019 and is expecting very exciting results.  
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